Royal Mail opens nine Christmas sorting centres

Royal Mail opens nine Christmas sorting centres

Royal Mail is opening nine temporary parcel sorting centres across the UK to help it handle expected volumes for Christmas 2016

The centres are being set up for the sixth consecutive year. They will sort a significant proportion of Christmas parcels in preparation for delivery.

Around 3,300 seasonal workers will be based at the sites, which are located at Bathgate, Rochdale, Leeds, Puntyclun in South Wales, Birmingham, Swindon, Greenford, Atherstone, and in Coventry for international parcels and cards.

Royal Mail has said that the centres will open on a phased basis from 31 October 2016 and that the additional temporary facilities are now an integral part of their financial commitment to additional resources at Christmas in handling the festive mail bag.

The centres will create around 19,000 seasonal jobs in total this year, providing support across its operations to its 120,000 staff.