Kerry Logistics announces plans to expand Swedish business

Kerry Logistics announces plans to expand Swedish business

Kerry Logistics has officially rebranded and completed the integration of Albini & Pitigliani Sverige AB, trading as ALPI Sverige, into Kerry Logistics (Sweden) AB

Textile imports make up the majority of ALPI’s business, which focuses on air, ocean and niche markets in Europe and the Mediterranean region, particularly from Italy, Portugal, Turkey and North Africa. In the ocean cargo market, ALPI specialises in consolidation from China, India, and Bangladesh.

ALPI had its beginnings in 1999 when Mikael Lindskog, Anders Svensson and former CEO Sten Nyberg co-founded and owned the company. It dealt with European road and rail transports from Italy as well as shipping from and to the Far East at that time.

In 2005, ALPI moved to its current location in Boras outside of Gothenburg, where it had commissioned the building of a 3,200sqm warehouse. After joining Kerry Logistics in 2013, when the new facility reached its full capacity, it was expanded to 14,000sqm.

Kerry Logistics purchased 50% of shares of ALPI Sverige from its parent company Albini & Pitigliani in Prato, Italy, and started the integration of the ALPI business into its global network, which has now been concluded with the rebranding.

Kerry Logistics will also focus more extensively on export from Sweden to international markets.

Thomas Blank, managing director Europe at Kerry Logistics, commented: “Sweden is an important market for us and also for the network, in particular in the Far East and the Indian Sub-Continent. We see great potential for further expansion of our capabilities, our geographic footprint and the service portfolio in Sweden.”

Torbjörn Hagberg, managing director of Kerry Logistics (Sweden) AB, commented: “We have established a very solid and loyal client base in Boras. Expanding our business in Sweden in the near future is a concrete plan for us.”

In the future, Kerry Logistics (Sweden) aims to broaden its focus and extend to other markets, including the US. The company said this venture would be facilitated by Kerry Logistics’ recent acquisition of Apex Maritime, which specializes in trans-Pacific trade lanes.